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In December 1985, a group of sacred music lovers got together and called upon the choir members of the Chinese churches, to present Handel's Messiah to celebrate Christmas, as a joint effort among the Chinese churches. The idea was greatly supported by the pastors and deacons of the churches. The Christmas presentation became a tradition for the joint choir, and since 1988, the choir has become an independent, inter-denominational group -- The Ottawa Chinese Christian Singers. In 1996, the name was changed to The Ottawa Christian Chorale as a result of the support and participation of many Christians from other ethnic backgrounds.

Throughout the years the Ottawa Christian Chorale has performed at various local churches and communities. Our Objectives in presenting sacred music are:

  • To glorify, worship and praise our Lord
  • To spread the Gospel of Christ
  • To share the Love of our Lord
  • To encourage each other to grow in the Lord
  • To serve the Christian community
  • To foster Christian unity

An Open Invitation

The Ottawa Christian Chorale has made presentations in the following formats:
  • Full program of music, with or without a brief message by the minister of the hosting church
  • Music presentation integrated in the hosting church's regular service
  • Music presentation for special services or special events, such as fund-raising
  • Joint presentation with other Christian choirs
The program can be tailored as required. The Chorale performs at no charge. Freewill offering to support the Chorale will be held only if permitted by the hosting organization.